We take a waste as raw material and recycle it, mitigating the carbon footprint.


Different cooperatives and production units are a part of the production chain promoting fair and local work.


It is a business for profit, which allows the other two impacts to be possible and persistent over time.

What are B Corporations?

B Corps measure our social and environmental impact. In Fracking Design we are personally, institutionally and legally committed to make decisions considering the long-term consequences on the community and the environment.

To become a B Corporation, we went through a very detailed and rigorous evaluation that considered the positive impacts of the company in different areas: workers, governance, environment, community, customers and also in the business model. In addition, we had to make changes to the company's bylaws, incorporating clauses where we commit to consider the workers, the community and the environment in a binding manner on our decision-making processes.

We decided to go through the certification process as it is for us a declaration that we are willing to measure and manage our company including purpose and transparency beyond financial aspects. This is what the new economy that is being built by companies, union leaders and also by smaller entrepreneurs and businessmen, is all about.

We assume with responsibility and pride to belong to this global movement of companies that want to make a change, using the force of the market to provide solutions to social and environmental problems.